SEA Newsletter Christmas Edition 2023


Dear Valued Clients,

It’s that time of year again, and we wish you a very Merry, Happy and safe holiday season.

Enjoy the newsletter. 

Kind Regards,
James Smyth


8/64 Carrington Parade
Off Market – Contact Agent

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5/62 Carrington Parade
For Sale – Open Wed 12pm Guide $1,900,000

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3/64 Carrington Parade
For Sale Off Market

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5/110 Lawrence Street

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NovemberNew ListingsLast Traded PriceYearProperty Type1st Guide2nd Guide3rd Guide SoldDifferentialDOMType of saleResult
 13 Brighton St Curl Curl$625,0002001House$5,800,000   $6,000,000$200,00023AuctionSOLD
 35 Makim St North Curl Curl$0 House$2,700,000$2,550,000  $2,580,000-$120,00030Failed AuctionSOLD
 21 Coles Rd Freshwater$3,775,0002021House$3,900,000      Off Market 
 17 Pitt Rd North Curl Curl$5,235,0002016House$9,000,000$8,000,000$9,000,000 WithdrawnWithdrawn Failed AuctionWithdrawn
 8/64 Carrington Pde Curl Curl$1,520,0002021Unit$1,375,000      Off Market 
 7/62 Carrington Pde Curl Curl$900,0002014Unit$1,675,000      Private Treaty 
 2/29 Dalley St Queenscliff$1,175,0002018Unit$1,225,000   $1,490,000$265,00026AuctionSOLD
 36 Ocean View Rd Freshwater$490,0001993House$8,000,000      Auction 
 13/102-108 Lawrence St Freshwater$465,0002000Unit$1,800,000   NA 16AuctionSOLD
 6/22 Crown Rd Queenscliff$576,0002010Unit       Off Market 
 66 Carrington Pde Curl Curl$735,0001998House$7,000,000      Off Market 
 20 Waiwera Ave North Manly$785,0002003House$3,300,000   $3,420,000$120,00014AuctionSOLD
 33 Wattle Rd North Manly$2,310,0002021House$2,150,000      For Sale 
 1 Glen St Freshwater$990,0002007House$5,000,000      Off Market 
 36 Wyuna Ave Freshwater$300,0001996House$3,650,000      Off Market 
 5/9 Ronald Ave Freshwater$220,0001996Unit$0   $1,260,000$07Off MarketSOLD
 10 Austral Ave North Manly$220,0001992House$2,600,000      Off Market 
 2/79 Queenscliff Rd Queenscliff$873,5002015Unit$1,500,000      Off Market 
 8/40 Dalley St Queenscliff$189,0001993Unit$1,200,000      Auction 
 7/100 Queenscliff Rd Queenscliff$620,0002006Unit$1,600,000   $1,810,000$210,00024AuctionSOLD
 2/95 Queenscliff Rd Queenscliff$292,0002006Unit    $1,200,000$010AuctionSOLD
 2/8 Queenscliff Rd Queenscliff  Unit$950,000   $1,041,000$91,0006For SaleSOLD
 3 Brighton St Freshwater$2,380,0002014House$6,000,000      Off Market 
 67 Brighton St Freshwater$2,000,0002011House$4,500,000      Off Market 
 Queenscliff Rd Queenscliff  Unit       Off Market 
 6 Austral Ave North Manly$650,0002005House$2,900,000      Auction 
 1 William St North Manly$0 House$2,000,000      Off Market 
 5 Stewart Ave Curl Curl$2,760,0002016House$4,800,000      Off Market 
 5 Soldiers Ave Freshwater$1,000,0002010House$7,500,000      Off Market 
 36 Jocelyn St North Curl Curl$01962House$2,800,000      Off Market 
 8/48A Queenscliff Rd Queenscliff$1,750,0002016Unit$4,000,000$3,750,000     Auction 
 North Curl Curl  House$3,800,000      Off Market 
 6/48 Crown Rd Queenscliff$1,784,5002021Unit$1,650,000   $1,735,000$85,00015AuctionSOLD
 4/363 Pittwater Rd North Manly$0 Townhouse$1,695,000      Private Treaty 
 10/16 Soldiers Ave Freshwater$800,0002018Unit$1,280,000      Auction 
 135 Crown Rd Queenscliff$2,410,0002022House$3,100,000      Off Market 
 9 Loch St Freshwater$4,925,0002019House$16,000,000      Off Market 
 6 Oatway Pde North Manly  House$2,750,000      Off Market 
 9 Oatway Pde North Manly$2,435,0002020House$2,800,000      Off Market 
 44 Griffin Rd North Curl$0 House$2,800,000      Off Market 
 101 Headland Rd North Curl Curl$2,555,0002017House$4,100,000      Off Market 
 91 Headland Rd North Curl Curl$1,985,0002012House$5,200,000      Private Treaty 
 Total Listings November41           
 Off Market Listings23           
 Total Sold November6           
 Sold Under Guide Price1           
 Investments Listed13           
 Owner Occupier Listed28           
DecemberNew ListingsLast Traded PriceYearProperty Type1st Guide2nd Guide3rd Guide SoldDifferentialDOMType of saleResult
 10/85-87 Queenscliff Rd Queenscliff$1,090,0002019Unit       Off Market 
 55 Bennett St Curl Curl$1,300,0002014House       Off Market 
 6/43 Martin St Freshwater$549,0002013Unit$950,000      Off Market 
 5/104 Crown Rd Queenscliff$406,0002011Unit$775,000   $825,050$50,0507Private TreatySOLD
 11/32 Austral Ave North Manly$455,0002011Unit$950,000      For Sale 
 20 Molong St North Curl Curl$6,600,0002021House       Off Market 
 2/25 Oliver St Freshwater$1,090,0002021Unit$1,150,000      Off Market 
 4/42 Queenscliff Rd Queenscliff  Unit       Off Market 
 14/75 Queenscliff Rd Queenscliff$985,0002013Unit       Off Market 
 Total Listings December9           
 Off Market Listings7           
 Total Sold December1           
 Sold Under Guide Price            
 Investments Listed3           
 Owner Occupier Listed6


After an unusual and prices sea soaring year with interest rates, CPI pressures, European unrest the market actually remain somewhat resilent. Against most economic odds the stock market, currency and employment stayed the course. 


The current level of interest rates is poised at a likely turning point, especially after Christmas holidays and the natural spend a family goes through at this time of year. November, again, did see the natural decline of sales and listings in the beaches, but word on the street and speaking with other Principals is that there is a large increase of stock to hit the market come late Jan and Feb 2024. 


Signing up to sell now for next year seems to be avid and already we note there are 28 listed in the area to be revealed in 2024. 


The factors for 2024 to be market movers:


* February RBA meeting held on Tuesday 6th February. Majority of ecomonists estimate another rise in rates

* CPI data release 31 January

* Change of immigration numbers date to be advised

* Oil and Petrol is one to watch as the USA and Europe enters into their winter period and use becomes high

* GOLD has recently spiked, which is previously been an early warning sign for flight to quality measures amongst traders. Spot gold now over $2,000 an Oz USD.


Capital Growths for 2023


FRESHWATER Median House $3,525,000 – 8.8% ( $3,865,000 in 2022)

FRESHWATER Median Unit  $1,000,000 -11.1% ( $1,125,000 in 2022)

CURL CURL Median House $3,955,000 + 3.4% ( $3,825,000 in 2022)

CURL CURL Median Unit  No Value ($1,540,000 in 2022 – 3.7%)

QUEENSCLIFF Median House $2,932,500 – 25.8% ( $3,950,500 in 2022)

QUEENSCLIFF Median Unit $1,287,500 – 20.0% ( $1,610,000 in 2022)

NORTH MANLY Median House $2,850,000 – 2.7% ( $2,930,000 in 2022)

NORTH MANLY Median Unit $1,095,000 – 14.5% ( $1,280,000 in 2022)

NORTH CURL CURL Median House $3,150,000 – 10.0% ( $3,500,000 in 2022)

NORTH CURL CURL Median Unit No Value ( $1,202,000 in 2022)


The overall summary is we expect large VOLUMES of property for the first time in many years to go on the market. This increase in stock levels will initially create massive choice for consumers and will encourage further transactions of those whom own property yet were retiscent in selling until the right property came up. 


For every ACTION there is a REACTION


Majority of predictions indicate are swinging range of -4.0% to + 5.0% throughout the year. As mentioned, rates will be the key to whether some can hold or not. With increased stock levels comes competition. With buyers having a wider selection of property, agents and owners will definitely need to make sure their properties are in tip top condition and preparation is the key.




With every market change in price, the belated change occurs in the rental market. This lag seems to be, on average, approx 6-8 months. Mostly this is due to lease durations and now with the forecast, higher sale turnover will allow more choice as investors view rates may be at their highest, and the future prospect that rates will adjust downwards, could see a speculation that investors can jump back in. 


After multiple designs and feedback, we are please to be able show you a sneak peak of our future signboards.

The concept embraces a clean single image, and classic simplicity.


* One will show our prestige logo, the other our original logo


* A QR Code assist our clean lines, and a simple way to gain phone and or iPad access to the property sharing the available images, inspection times, auction dates, size, floor plan and price guide.


The design is definitely characteristic of our independence and boutique differences. We hope you like them and in the future can place one in front of your home.


In addition, a new website is 90% completed and will provide a fresh modern look and feel, with easy scrolling.


From all the staff, we sincerely wanted to wish you and your loved ones the very best for Christmas and the holiday season. We hope it is a wonderful time and that you be safe, happy and healthy.


I thank you for your business, loyalty, support and throughout another year, and hope to be of even more service to you in the next. 


Best Wishes from;


James Smyth, Rana Stevens, John Lang, Hannah Garness, Maddie Claret and Emma Jenkins.


Our Christmas Closure times are as follows:


Last Day: friday 22nd December, 2023 and returning Monday 8th January, 2024.