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North Curl Curl Beach sits on the south-eastern border, south of Dee Why Head and lying under its cliffs, and is divided from Curl Curl Beach by the mouth of the lagoon. 


The suburb is generally characterised by the sometimes steep southern slopes of Wingala Hill and Dee Why Head to the north, which flatten out into the former floodplain of the lagoon towards the south. In 2011, 78.8% of the homes in North Curl Curl were owner-occupied compared with repaying over $4000 per month on mortgage repayments. In general, people in North Curl Curl work in aCurl is 40-49 years. Households in North Curl Curl are primarily couples with children and are likely to be showing a population growth of 16.5% in the area during that time. The predominant age group in North Curltotal area. The population of North Curl Curl in 2011 was 3,537 people. By 2016 the population was 4,121The size of North Curl Curl is approximately 1.5 square kilometres. It has 9 parks covering nearly 23.6% of Source: RpData

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