SEA Prestige

Introducing our SEA PRESTIGE high end selling division. This is an exclusive method to sell your home. Designed to cater for high end properties, but also welcoming any property, this is the “RED CARPET” version.

  • Sellers exclusively list their property and yet remain anonymous and or “off market” for the truly qualified and price appropriate prospective buyer.
  • Introductory events are by invitation only, some are professionally catered for and discretion is the key.
  • After listing with SEA, a launch and event calendar is created. Our guest list is created and actioned. The invitations are hand selected. During this, SEA will send you out to enjoy a meal whilst SEA Prestige welcomes its guests to your private home event.
  • Your property is available on our website, but with a coded sequence for complete privacy. Buyers can only be granted permission to see your property if the quality control process has been met. Our pre-qualified clients will be permissioned automatically.
  • The invitation list includes active buyers’ agents, high end mortgage brokers and their guests and our qualified and selected data base. Contact the agent or office for further information.