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Renting Tips and Advice

When applying for rental properties it is best to supply as much information as possible with your tenancy application form. Such as Payslips, Bank Statements, References, Tenancy Ledgers etc. This will give you the best chance to be accepted as one of our new tenants.

Before signing any agreement/lease prior to renting a property, you should read all the terms and conditions of the lease carefully and ask questions if you do not understand. This lease is binding and effectively a contract between two parties. Do your research to see that the price of the property is competitive with others that are similar in accommodation and style. Two to three weeks is usually all you need to find and secure a new rental accommodation.

Although landlords may have contents insurance on their property, this covers them for carpet, paint, light fittings etc, it does not cover the tenants personal belongings. We recommend that all tenants obtain their own contents insurance so that their belongings are insured.

All new tenants will need to connect their electricity, gas, telephone, internet etc if required. We can organise connection of the utilities if requested. Myconnect is a fast simple FREE service to connect your utilities. In one quick call Myconnect will arrange connection of electricity, gas, telephone & internet services. They don’t restrict you to just one service provider, you will have a choice who you would like to connect with.  Please let us know if you would like to use this service.

How to end a fixed term agreement: 
If the tenant wants to end the tenancy at the end of a fixed term agreement, no less than 14 days written notice must be given (notice can be given until the final day of the fixed term period, otherwise the agreement becomes a continuing agreement).

How to end a continuing agreement: 
A continuing agreement may be ended by a tenant, by giving no less than 21 days written notice.

New and past clients are welcome to ring and speak with one of our experienced team members on 9905 4100 for further advice.