We’re finally heading into the end of winter and things are heating up, but for us, this doesn’t just symbolise beach weather and holidays, it is also the beginning of the spring selling season!! While there is a significant increase in the property market, there is also an increase in competition. Here are tips from our Principal James Smyth to ensure your property stands out this spring.

  1. Take a walk around your home, inside and out with a camera. What is the first thing your eye is drawn to? The garbage bins on the side of the house? The garage door you’ve been meaning to replace? All this will show in photos and will be the first thing buyers see when they walk into your home.
  2. Take a look at your home from a buyer’s perspective. This is extremely hard to do but often the most effective way to look at your home realistically.
  3. Make a list of everything that stands out. Does it need painting or repairing? Work your way through your home, all the way to the back fence.
  4. Speak to a friend and ask for their feedback on your home. Be prepared to not like what you hear.
  5. You must de-clutter your home. Buyers have trouble seeing past other people’s things, they need to imagine their personality in your home.
  6. You are moving so now is the chance to cull and start packing. Hire a storage unit and store personal items you do not want on show. Pack away family photos and items of value.
  7. If you have children minimise their toys or play equipment.

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to prepare your home and attract buyers this spring, call SEA for an appointment and talk to the experts!