Property Management Services

Smyth Estate Agents (SEA) has an independent approach to Property Management by adding that extra service and commitment to the amount of detail and communication we provide. This will enhance the future rental and outcome of your property returning a better income.

Here at SEA we believe that keeping people informed and being pro-active goes a long way to minimizing issues and that is why SEA avail themselves to the latest technologies to help keep in touch with customers.

With over 50 years’ of experience and our team members expertise, we have complete confidence that no matter the property or situation we are the best company to look after your investment property.

We also believe that pricing properties realistically is very important. This will reduce the vacancy period allowing your annual income to increase. Our expert team use extraordinary methods to qualify and check prospective tenants and have the strictest special conditions enabling you, the owner/landlord to have peace of mind over the longer term.

Our goal is that we get to know you – the customer, as a person, and that our Landlords and tenants are individuals and not just a number. Quality over quantity assures us that we are able to offer a great and efficient service. Don’t get lost in the often over rated and over-sized franchise system.

Multiple methods of payment choices for our tenants such as Bpay, Credit Card, Direct Deposit Transfers, Money Orders, and Deft Payment System

Everyone within the company understands the impeccable standard that needs to be met, if we are to stay ahead and be the best.

Rana Stevens

Senior Property Manager and Head of PM

Hannah Garness

Property Leasing Officer

Madeleine Claret

Assistant Property Portfolio Manager