A very unusual year with low stock all year, averaging 46 properties available per month, spread over  a five suburb radius, then nearly a 36% increase in listings during late October and November 2014.

Freshwater stocks levels all year are tracking to be down approx. 50% in volume, whereas North Curl Curl will exceed stock levels by nearly 15%.

Low interest rates, and relatively strong blue chip share rises and an insatiable demand for property and investments have sent property prices sharply upwards to new levels.

We forecast that the peak was late September 2014, and market will trend to settle down, until demand and stock levels reach equilibrium by April-May 2015.

Like most things, over time you get used to seeing something in the same place for long enough it becomes the norm. This is how we see the current price level remaining stable, until adverse interest rates and or economic trends turn in a southern direction.