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Jesse Cathersides - Sales Associate

Jesse Cathersides

Jesse Cathersides is our newest member of the sales team at SEA, his love for people and properties makes him hungry and very driven to please and the desire to succeed.

A background and full qualifications in Landscape Construction and Horticulture provides him, an incredible knowledge of gardens and how much value they can add to properties. Jesse is using his landscaping knowledge to dig a path to success in the real estate industry.

Jesse has come to us fresh of mind and ready to learn the ways of the trade. Growing up on the beaches Jesse is well equipped with all the local knowledge one could ask for, now after being taken under the wing of our Principle James Smyth, he is sure to go far in his new line of work.

Favourite past times and self interests include camping in the great outdoors, surfing, rugby, an eye for photography, a good novel and spending quality time with loved ones. 

In our opinion, Jesse is the future as a leader in sales.

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M 0447 849 970