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James recently sold a family home for us in Freshwater

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Our experience with James was as good as you can experience. James was professional and enthusiastic throughout the process, contacted us regularly and kept us up to date with all enquiries and inspections. he also took great initiative in the final negotiation process. We will not hesitate to use James again.

Outstanding Experience!

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I chose James to sell my property for three main reasons:

1. James knows the Freshwater market better than any other agent (he uses market and internally collated data to understand a situation then overlays deep market knowledge and personal relationships built over 20 years to predict an outcome, set a clear selling strategy and attract purchasers),

2. After benchmarking other agents he was competitively priced &

3. He invests significantly back into this community through the financial support of a range of not for profit organisations. He successfully sold our property for a street record after only 4 weeks!

An outstanding experience

Seller of 4brm house in Freshwater

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In April 2018, from overseas, I contacted James from SEA for an appraisal of our Freshwater house.  I was immediately impressed with his local knowledge and professionalism, especially the trouble he went to presenting his report.  When in August of this year, we made the decision to sell, we chose James and it was one of the best decisions of our life.  James is DIFFERENT!  Instead of over-promising, he under-promises, then over-delivers.  His unique system, with styling and various trades, advertising and videos, as well as amazing data analysis techniques ensured we found the right buyer quickly (20 days), smoothly and at a great price.  It is not that often one is truly delighted in life, but we were delighted by James work.  SEA are winners.Seller of 4BR house in Freshwater